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HelloDelivery is our innovative value-added delivery service. It’s goal is to help you live your chosen lifestyle to the fullest by providing solutions to your day-to-day logistics challenges.

With the HelloDelivery app, you can purchase freshly prepared meals from a diverse range of restaurants, order groceries and even have your laundry picked up, done and then returned to you. All available via your mobile 24/7. Your convenience and satisfaction are our priority.

Awesome Services

“Big Mouth” food menu app, search for “all Taiwan 319 towns must eat Raiders” and “the latest most popular TV food”, the only for the store “menu and price”! Let you go out without taking notes, no matter where you go, you can always master [menu and price], and easily eat all kinds of gourmet snacks all over Taiwan!

Share the menu and price of the whole Taiwanese gourmet restaurant, so that travelers who travel to or from various places can find out the price of the food and the menu of the restaurant through the big mouth, and enjoy eating, drinking and having fun!

Introduction to Features

● Original second shot notes
I often can’t remember what the store I saw last time? Automatic positioning and instant shooting make it easy to record your life memo.

● Share the latest menu
Is the menu updated? Feel free to upload the latest menu price, share the food menu is not hidden, and benefit the food after the fall!

● Private pocket food
Easily record the gourmet restaurants that you have eaten and want to eat, and always remember the wonderful food records. You have not forgotten the delicious food that you haven’t eaten yet!




Application UI Design

Custom Backend System


35 Weeks



iOS Native

Android Native


● All must eat
Featured 10000 pens! Follow the local people to eat the food in line, update at any time, timely collection, food is not leaky!

● TV coverage
Update the latest TV news every day, complete the TV food database, and quickly search for the location of the food!

● All Taiwanese vegetables
Collecting snacks from the 319 township health food and vegetable restaurants in the whole Taiwan, where to go, let the vegetarian food is no longer a trouble!

● Nearby food
Master the nearby food maps, even if you are a foreigner, you can find a hidden version of the local cuisine!

● The latest food record
Don’t want to step on the thunder? Was it terrible at the end of the year? Keep abreast of the gourmet food in your mouth and enjoy the food without thunder!

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