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Adopt scientific management methods to set up good code of practice in medicine supply chain; centralized point of sale packaging technology, full range of product variety and price advantage, international trade and high-quality advisory services to high-quality medicines prescribers and to meeting the domestic and international market users.

Smart phones are a popular tool for the pharmaceutical supply chain management in modern times. This includes physicians, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, healthcare professionals and you. The pharmaceutical supply chain is blessed by specialized apps to provide supervised sale of drugs.


Specialty medications are both difficult to source and expensive to acquire. These factors contribute to an inflated end price – sometimes to the degree that it consumes a significant percentage of one’s annual net income.

Due to our strong relationships with mainline wholesalers in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Hong Kong, we are able to quickly & cost-effectively acquire these medications without much overhead added on. This allows Doc-99 Chemist to sell these products to private individuals with a valid prescription at affordable prices.

Although we are focused on supplying the specialty medicine market, we have the licensing & ability to source all products that have EMA approval and FDA approval. We welcome you to browse our formulary and inquire about any products that you do not see on the list. Just because the product is not listed does not necessarily mean that we couldn’t source the product on your behalf!


Doc-99 Chemist was founded to help customers with specialty medicine and we supply global source with competitive prices through our Manage Access Program MAP.

Our branded medicines are all from Hong Kong supply chain with local registered licence HK-xxxxx, obtained from licensed wholesalers and are delivered in the original pack or adding special label in sealed PE transparent plastic bags.

We are wholesale licence holder in Hong Kong, and have GDP code of practice throughout our operations – including our cold chain transportation solution for medicines.

Our safe and easy-to-use online platform for private medical doctors can be integrated with our pharmacist owned fax line +852 25742333 for their hand filled prescriptions incoming to our warehouse adding Drug Information Service and dispensing in licensed pharmacies.

Making everybody easy and we save your costs




Application UI Design

Custom Backend System


35 Weeks



iOS Native

Android Native


Around the world on a daily basis, many individuals are facing expensive drug bills in their stay in private hospitals because their prescribed medications is expensive. Specialty medications used in the treatment of such conditions as cancer and immuno-diseases are both difficult to source and expensive to acquire: this scenario is common in Hong Kong and Mainland China cities.

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