About HelloDelivery and HelloRide

You deserve only the best. Premium, value-added services at competitive prices.
HelloDelivery and HelloRide are twin online providers of competitive merchandise delivery and personal transport solutions for the African market.
HelloDelivery and HelloRide leverage web and mobile technologies in order to provide convenience, safety, accessibility and quality features.


Awesome Services

The app’s simple design makes it more than easy to book a delivery or a cab. HelloDelivery and HelloRide is just one click away!
HelloDelivery and HelloRide’s simple design makes it more than easy to book a delivery or a cab for a ride. Both applications has been built by a team of professionals who are passionate about making people’s everyday lives easy.



HelloDelivery is our innovative valueadded delivery service. Our goal is to help you live your chosen lifestyle to the fullest by providing solutions to your day-to-day logistics challenges

With the HelloDelivery app, you can purchase freshly prepared meals from a diverse range of restaurants, order groceries and even have your laundry picked up‘ done and then returned to you All available via your mobile 24/7. Your convenience and satisfaction are our priority

HelloDelivery has a Wide network of reliable partners to prayide the sen/ices you need. We are the connettion that links you the Consumer With our partner restaurants, supermarkets and laundry shops to prowde the best possxble goods and services,

We Will eventually expand to other countries of the Atritan continent and the Middle Eastern region.


Hello Delivery


Application UI Design

Custom Backend System


8  Months


iOS Native

Android Native


Founded August 2017, HelloRide is our competitive ride hailing platform that takes the hassle out of riding a cab. We believe that African consumer deserves decent transportation no matter what their circumstances.HelloRide lets you choose your ride and driver at your leisure. Our partner-drivers are carefully vetted so that only the best drive for you. Don’t worry – our rates are very competitive.Expansion to other countries within the continent of Africa as well as the Middle East is a strong possibility within the next few years.

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