About Taiwan Taxi

On demand taxi service in Taiwan and Taiwan’s largest fleet for Taiwan’s first brand of taxi dispatch companyTaiwan’s large fleet daily service of about 350,000 passengers, the daily line to send the platform to call the car more than 120,000, the current number of vehicles accumulated in the province More than 1 million units, the market share of up to 19%, the scope of services throughout the whole of Taiwan

Taiwan Taxi is the leading taxi dispatch company in Taiwan to provide a safe, comfortable and diverse transportation service. This App is designated for its drivers.

App attributes: Royalty Point, Mobile Payment, Member Management

Awesome Services

Taiwan’s big team 55688 is the first brand of Taiwan’s taxis, providing “safe, comfortable and caring” transportation services, which you can trust.

APP is called a taxi, which saves time and money, and you can get it with one finger, a lot of discounts, download it immediately, and enjoy it immediately! Can check the passenger record, evaluate the driver; provide multiple payment methods such as binding credit card, enterprise electronic signing, cash…

APP does not need to wait for the phone to be connected

GPS car booking: GPS positioning query near the address called car

Address called car: directly enter the address of the pick-up location

Record booking: use the address of the past car record to call the car

Search for nearby landmarks: automatically check nearby popular attractions, store addresses, and book a car with a landmark address

My favorite: Set the number of the most frequent addresses on the train, and call the car quickly.

Airport drop-off: reservation for airport drop-off, Taoyuan Airport, Songshan Airport, Taichung Airport, Xiaogang Airport


Multiple payment methods: can be bound to major bank credit cards, and corporate electronic sign-off function, get off the train to avoid zero; the car also supports multiple payment methods such as credit card, leisure card, third-party payment, etc.

Driver Information: APP displays driver and dispatch information, not afraid to forget the vehicle number, can’t find the car and can directly talk to the driver

Driver evaluation: Give the driver an evaluation, let us do better

Estimated fare: Enter the drop-off address to try out the fare

Range of vehicles

All over Taiwan, Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, all Taiwanese drivers of the Taiwanese team





Application UI Design

Custom Backend System


35 Weeks



iOS Native

Android Native

Multiple taxi

Multiple taxi exclusive services, more choices, better quality, give you a new ride experience

Multi-variable taxi car models are available in comfortable, luxurious and business styles. You can call your car according to your needs.

Multi-variable taxi service content, including instant car, scheduled car, airport drop-off

After making a reservation, the app will remind you 1 hour and 15 minutes before the ride. You can also view your appointment information by clicking on “My Appointment” in the upper left menu.

24/7 satellite traffic monitoring for peace of mind to your destination

Vehicle location: You can check the location of the vehicle in the ride, and the 24-hour satellite monitoring vehicle position of the Taiwanese team will give you peace of mind.

Share the distance: You can share the distance with your friends and relatives in the ride, let your relatives and friends know the vehicle information and location instantly.

Lost Property Search: Inadvertently lost items in the car, you can contact the driver directly through the APP within 4 hours.

Car travel record: record the time and path of each ride, easy to track

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